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BactoSonic - Diagnostik für Implantatinfektionen

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  • Model: BS14.2
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  • Manufactured by: Bandelin GmbH, 12207 Berlin

The application

Planktonic and biofilm forms of bacteria

With increasing use of medical implants, we are increasingly confronted with infectious biofilms on these. Among the most common implants include joint replacements, osteosynthesis, vascular prostheses, pacemakers and defibrillators, implants, neurosurgical shunts, and breast implants.

The therapeutic success in implant infections is dependent on a precise microbiological diagnosis. Because microorganisms form biofilms on foreign bodies, but they are often difficult to detect in the surrounding tissue.
Biofilms consist of an amorphous matrix of polymerized polysaccharide, in which microorganisms are embedded. The microorganisms in the biofilm are in a metabolically less active stationary phase of growth. Over weeks to years, developed a complex three-dimensional layer, which provides a rudimentary structures of the nutrition of the biofilm (via water channels) and its communication (by extracellular messengers).

Biofilm on the implant surface

During car-free living (planktonic) bacteria from antibiotics and the immune system to kill off adherent bacteria survive only in the extracellular matrix of the biofilm.


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